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October 22, 2012 1 Comment

We import only the finest wools from New Zealand, all of which are excellent for wet-felting or needle-felting. Be aware that not all breeds of wool felt and generally the finer the wool the faster it will felt. For colour choice in small projects, try our Felt Packs in Merino or Corriedale.
Our Merino, NZ Halfbred, Corriedale and Romney wools all felt very well, either alone or in their blends with silk, mohair or possum. These non-wool or hair fibres do not in themselves felt well or at all, but the wool will hold them in place when in a blend. These different fibres add desirable effects to a wool felt – the mohair will add sheen and if used in locks, will add a beautiful curly decorative effect. Silk also adds luster to a wool felt and possum fur adds softness.

Different wools are best suited to different projects.

Merino is the finest and softest of all wools and is the wool of choice for next-to-skin wear like scarves, hats or shawls where lightness and a soft handle are of prime importance.
Along with merino, NZ Halfbred is also among the best fine wools for nuno-felted scarves, which are made by felting wool onto a silk fabric. It is very close to Merino in fineness and is also a good wool for next-to-skin wear.
Corriedale is less fine than Merino, but also less likely to pill and is more durable. It is an excellent choice for vests, purses, cushions, insoles, slippers, sculptured felt for housewares like tea cozies or décor. 
Romney is the least fine of the wools we carry, but also very fast to felt and well-suited to the above uses.
Carded Romney wools are best for decorative work in needle-felting where shorter fibres fit better into small felt images.
All these breeds of wool may be felted in the same project with special effects resulting. It’s always advisable and fun to make a sample piece.
Our customers often ask us how wool goes into a felt piece. This depends on how thick you make the felt. A felt hotmat or a pair of insoles may weigh 40-50 grams. A 250 gram package of wool goes a long way.

More felting tips

-- You can use solid colour for inner layers and colour blends or mohair locks for surface effect.
-- For a selection of colours or for small projects try our Felt Packs in Merino or Corriedale.
-- To make soft felt for scarves or hats, use Merino or Merino/silk.
-- For more durable felted fabrics in purses, vests, insoles or tea cozies, use Corriedale or NZ Halfbred.
For more information on the wools and their felting characteristics, please see our FAQ page.

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Katherine Savage
Katherine Savage

January 26, 2019

Hello, I am currently learning to felt merino wool and possum fur and wonder if you know of what to add to the blend to stop the fine fur from coming out of the finished product.
also im keen to learn how to felt wool and 10 percent fur to make felt hats mens ones.
one more question… what would the best product be to blend with wool to make a fitting dress with?? polyester?? silk? and will it go through felting machine..

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