Why didn't anyone tell me about spinning??

April 23, 2013

I know, I know, before you even read another word you are saying "I did, I DID tell you that spinning was fun and relaxing!" Okay yes, you did tell me that.

I'll be honest. I didn't believe it.

Why make yarn when there is a whole store of it? Why sit in front of a thing forEVER and move your feet and hands NOT in any apparent kind of rhythm and make some string when you could be already knitting said string in to some lovely thing of some sort, without the sitting and making it? (the string, I mean. Making the string.)

Anyhow, it has become apparent to me that to learn to spin would further my business and make me a better person, all round. So away I went last weekend to learn to spin at the Desert Mesa Spinners and Weavers Guild Spring Spinning Retreat, in a Catholic retreat centre in Cache Creek.

Let me tell you, though, that many of the members of my own guild, the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild, tried to teach me. Birgit, who is a Master Spinner (not just any spinner, but a MASTER spinner, she teaches spinning at Olds College) tried. Doreen, who can spin on a drop spindle like you've never seen, tried. Dorothy tried. They all said the same thing; "Kim you need to practice." Doreen told me how she used to get up and spin before she went to work. She is a kind of a showoff. Birgit says things like "wow I'm so busy from marking the spinning projects of people that are learning to spin for REAL through Old College Spinning Program." My friend Dor said that I could be good at it if I really wanted to. She's goaded me in to more than one fiasco, some of them turned out okay. 

Trouble was, at the end of the day I just didn't have it in me to practice anything. I practice being sane and nice alsmost all day so I just didn't have the energy to practice anything else.


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