Fall in love

October 26, 2012

I've been falling in love this fall. With lots of places, people and things. 

We went to Penticton for the fibre fest over the Thanksgiving weekend. We took John's new truck (which he is in love with) and had a really nice drive. Colour riots in the Fraser valley. Four hours of great classic rock, talking and catching up with one another, letting the cares of work and responsibility fall away with the miles. I love Penticton; it's sleepy, quiet and beautiful. We then went down to Leavenworth to see what that was all about. It was cheesy, but the drive was lovely. And we had the best Italian food there. Seriously good. And good local wine. And a great bookstore. These are the places I've fallen in love with lately. And I'd love to fall in love with Turkey; my friend David at V the Vacation Store  is planning a women only trip to Turkey to explore food, fibre, arts and crafts. Where do you want to fall in love with next??

I've fallen in love with independent pattern designers. There are many; just have a look at Ravelry if you don't think so. The thing is, it's just as easy to find a bad designer as it is to find a good one. I am making a conscious effort to support (good) independent designers. Holli Yeoh is one. Knitbot is another. Churchmouse Yarns and Teas have great in-house patterns. All these designers, and more, I carry in the  store. Sue and I met Jane Richmond at Knit City a few weeks ago. We have invited her to do a trunk show at the store, and she is excited to come. Her book sold out in about 5 minutes, but we are waiting to purchase them, and some of her individual patterns, for the store soon. I've also fallen in love with my husband again. We've been together for 33 years, have three children together, lived in 11 houses, had 10 dogs and 5 cats together, 5 trucks, a dozen cars, and more laughter and tears than anyone could imagine. I'm lucky that I keep falling in love with the same guy over and still over and more again; it makes those shared memories, that history, so much better. He gets me; I get him. That's all I really need. (that and a well written cardigan pattern).

I have fallen in love with wooden needles. I like the red line and bamboo ChiaoGoo needles we carry in the store; they are excellent quality, affordable, reliable. Wooden needles are a notch up. Lantern Moon, Knitter's Pride; those wooden needles are more expensive, to be sure, but they feel so good. So. Good. I have pressed a set of soxstix into more than one sock knitters hands, saying "just take them home overnight and try them out" only to have them come back and pay the next day. It's like having an egg flipper from the dollar store or one from the Seasoned Kitchen. Or a shirt from walmart or from Bodacious. There's no comparison. Sure, they flip a sandwich or cover me up, but there's more to the good ones. The next time you look for needles and realise you need new ones, think about what you could love about wooden needles.

What do you love? Who do you love? Where do you love?


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