It's not just about knitting and fibre...

February 18, 2012

Lots of rain here today. Really. Lots. Of rain. I did not attend the festival today; no classes for me. Instead John and I decided to do some errands and see some (wet) sights. I went to two more yarn shops; the one that wasn't open yesterday, and a new one. Both had very small inventories, but a wealth of samples, both knit and crochet. I"m glad I saw the layouts of two more stores. One was billed as a yarn store and had about a closet sized area of yarn squished in to a corner. It was mostly fabric for quilting. The other almost looked like it was going out of business; lots of empty shelves and boxes that were either half full or half empty, I couldn't figure out which. I think I am still lusting after that Madeleine Tosh from yesterday.... everything else is just dull next to my memory of that luscious yarn. We went to the following stores, mostly because we'd never been in any of them: Target (kind of like Zellers), Ross (like a low end Winners) TJ Max(like a real Winners) Bed, Bath and Beyond (I think we have this store; it reminded me of the Bay's Home Outfitters). There were some others too but i can't remember.... I even went in to a Micheals. I know, I know. That's all I'm going to say about that. Oh and how could I forget going to the Marine Boat store place. Um, yeah, that's a real great place. Now I kmow how non-knitters feel when they come in to my store. Except nothing in my store costs $497.99. And I think everything in that marine store costs that much. Well, except that sparkly plastic flag thing that you put on your fishing line so the fish get mesmerised and want to lick the hook. We didn't get to the museum, or another pub. We did get another walk along the boardwalk in tonight before dinner because the rain finally stopped. We found three great coffee places. I may not  sleep tonight. I did get to curl up next to the big window in our room with my knitting and a glass (okay the rest of the bottle) of wine. Apparently knitting and wine actually do go together! Tomorrow I have two classes, and a stop on the way home to pick up my friend Jayne at the airport. She is visiting for a whole week! Which is great because I see that 8 boxes of yarn came in to the store on Friday. I'll need help with that! I will also have one more turn around the marketplace; I wonder if that Madeleine Tosh is at anyone's booth? I may have to console myself with something else if I don't find it.... I'm also thinking about the Habu yarn I bought and turning it into a mitred scarf with my newfound skills. Three colours, I could put the cashmere between the merinos. I just have to figure out how to make it. Or I could just make a simple triangle scarf and let the fibre speak for itself. I have cast it on and taken it out three times trying to decide what to make with it. Such decisions! See you at the store on Monday...

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